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A new update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gone live, bringing with it a suite of improvements and fixes to various problems, along with tougher new regulations intended to help curb quitting in online ranked matches. Patch fixes have been lined up for all games packaged in the collection, from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 2 , Halo 3 , and Halo 4.

A full list of improvements for each title can be found below. Meanwhile, players who now quit online ranked matches will now suffer a penalty, with each instance of absconding being treated as a loss. That means quitting a match could result in a dropped ranking.

Elsewhere, the problem where some players were ranked down excessively after losing a match appears to have been fixed. Every player will have the chance to be both Spartans and Elites, and after each round, players switch roles to ensure a fair balance of play. Basically, the team who has the most points at the end of the rounds wins the match. Other gametypes were revealed by Bungie , such as the Gruntpocalypse Firefight gametype.


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ODST where Grunts pour in the map in a seemingly endless flood, throwing lethal grenades all over the place and ensuring that chaos ensues. Score Attack is another Firefight gametype revealed by Bungie. In Score Attack, players will not be able to customize the gametype at all, and all waves will be standardized.

Every game will essentially be the same except the players' reactions ; this allows Bungie to create leaderboards with this gametype that pertain to skill and other factors, and can be fully tracked in-game and on Bungie. It should further be noted that all Firefight gametypes listed here can be customized fully except for Score Attack.

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Another briefly mentioned gametype, Sniper Fight, was revealed in an interview. As the name suggests, the player's loadouts will all have Sniper Rifles with Infinite ammo. Another gametype revealed after Reach's release was Crashsite, were the player has 0 lives and must protect 1 Generator. To help protect it, the player is given an overshield.

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As of the October Update part 2, Firefight Matchmaking games are no longer 1 round, and are now one set. Also with this update, Glacier is included in Firefight matchmaking and Score Attack. Players who pre-ordered a copy of Halo 3: ODST , there are 7 playable characters in Firefight. Almost every character is acquired by different means, most of them unlocked by earning achievements.

Players are allowed to customize their emblem , background, color which now includes formerly unavailable ones: The player's helmets are removable with the exception of the Rookie, who never has his face revealed, and Johnson, who does not have a helmet , but it has no effect on game play in any way: The voices listed below are seen as available items in the Armory from the start, Noble Six being the only default.

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Firefight in Halo 3: ODST has eight maps [14] to choose from half are acquired by unlocking achievements, and two of the maps, Crater and Rally Point, have Night variants. The maps are as follows:.

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I also have an xbox one and have no problem with live on there. Please work on your servers! If you choose you do not want to work on your servers, please issue me a refund for the game because I only play match making war games.

If any one else is experiencing this problem please speak up, so we can get this issue resolved! Woudl be good if some responsible staff give an possible explanation about what is hapenning.

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We have been struggling with server issues several times this year I been suffering this bug since Where is the best place to report these issues? How can this go on for so long without anyone from even confirming the issue and giving us an update? So I am not the only one Anyone else also having issue of not being able to save loadout?

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And every change I make to my Spartan also doesn't save. I tried deleting everything and reinstalling, deleting cache. That may sound contradictory considering I'm still on a , but in my experience past performance IS an indicator of the future. Thanks for all the good times Halo Hey all, I'm in the same boat.